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Janez Twin: The future of automated compounding


No to Burnout

Operational autonomy and an easy system that works with you to keep your workflow smooth and your technician free to operate for other tasks

No Errors

Multiple checks for each preparation and full traceability of the process.
Safety is ensured both for you and our patients

Fast Compounding

High hourly productivity and a large storage area to easily reduce technicians workload while allowing for constant accurate preparations

See Janez Twin in action

Safety, operational autonomy and productivity is our motto for a new perspective in pharmacy automation

Sol.i.pharma is an Italian company that offers innovative and highly technological pharmaceutical solutions. It perfectly combines robotics and IT expertise to carry out a revolution in the world of automated compounding of Chemoterapy

Sol.i.pharma Internal R&D together with a qualified technical assistance are the strenghts to create top quality products and to give constant support to our clients.


To give our clients a Second Generation Robot. Our automation matching your needs for a modern and efficient compounding pharmacy.


To leave behind the old generation compounding robots is the first step to look together towards a safer and faster future

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